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Georeferencing a plot is locating it in space in an univocal way; that is, granting a unique geographic location, defined by coordinates in a given system.
How is the georeferencing of a plot expressed?

The georeferencing of a plot is expressed by inclusion in a reference system. In the case of Spain, the official reference system is known as ETRS89 and the projection to be used is called UTM. The points X, Y, of each of the vertices of the plot referred to said coordinate system must be expressed.  

Why is it necessary to georeference the parcels and constructions?

With the latest reform of the Hipoteria Law 13/2015 and the Resolution of 29/2015 of the Revised Text of the Real Estate Cadastre Law, the technical requirements for the exchange of information between the Cadastre and the General Directorate of Registries and of the Notariado and georeferencing is established as an indispensable condition.  

How do we redirect in TOPOGRAFICS?

We use GPS receivers connected to the Geodetic Network of Permanent Stations of Valencia (RED ERVA). The ERVA network provides real-time corrections to GPS observables in the ETRS89 ellipsoid GRS80 datum. So that it allows to be permanently linked to the Official Geodetic Reference System in Spain.  

What does the georeferencing service of a plot include?

First we move to the plot to perform the topographic survey of it. After obtaining the georeferenced map, the GML files, the cadastral validation certificate and the georeferencing certificate are prepared. It also includes the visa of the Official College of Surveyor Engineers.
What does the georeferencing service of a construction include?

In this case, the topographic survey of the construction, GML file, cadastral certificate of construction location, georeferencing certificate and visa.  

How long will it take to get my georeferencing certificate?

The approximate delivery time is one week from the acceptance of the order.